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Hi, my name is Bill Barr and this web site is dedicated to displaying my paintings.

I am an abstract painter and my aim is to produce works that impact and excite the viewer, so that when they stand in front of one of my paintings they are thrilled by the experience. I love colour and so I use colour and form to obtain images that hopefully have this effect on the viewers.

My aim is just to paint what is in my imagination with no particular style or theme.

My works are inspired by the places and events experienced on travels around England and the Continent. I try to make my work colourful and memorable so that the viewer enjoys the experience.

I mainly paint in Acrylic mediums on canvas although I do use other surfaces and mediums when appropriate.

Since 2004 I have produced mainly abstract works this is due to my spending a week at the St Ives School of Painting in St Ives, Cornwall, England on a Contemporary Life Workshop.

I took up painting seriously in 1960 and although mainly self taught I have attended a number of art courses over the following years.


Life drawing

Sir John Cass School of Art

1967/1968 Enrolled in Portraiture and life drawing classes at The Sir John Cass School of Art (East London College of Art and Design). Now called "London Metropolitan University". The tutor was Alexander Dean, President of the Chelsea Art Club and at that time considered the country's top Portrait Artist. The most enjoyable times at The Sir John Cass was the Saturday open Studio. When Artists and Designers from all over London came. Not just because of the 5 nude models to work from but for the chance to meet and mix with other upcoming and established Artists.



Goodmayes Adult College

1970/1973 Enrolled for Portraiture at the Goodmayes Adult College The tutor was John Piper at that time the Principal of The Sir john Cass. A brilliant Artist and teacher, he always had lots of young models to work from. I learnt a lot from John and regret I never had the chance to spend more time at his classes.


Portraiture and life

Rocheway Educational Center

1998/2003 studied Portraiture and life Drawing at the Rocheway Educational Center Rochford Essex the tutor was Jill Witchell. Always live models to work from, mainly male but never the less good practice.


Contemporary life

St Ives School of Art

2004 spent a week in St Ives Cornwall on a Contemporary Life workshop at The St Ives School of Art. As the Tutor said on the first day "You will never paint the same again". A mind changing week that was so enjoyable that I went back for another week in 2006. Tutors were, Roy Ray, John Clark, Ges Wilson, Marion Taylor, Liz Luckwell, Steve Dove and Alice Mumford. The first week at St Ives school changed the way I worked completely and turned me onto the path to abstraction.

When you draw from nature it's all there you don't have to invent it. When you paint Abstract you have to invent it all! Sandra Blow.

Abstract is not about a subject more about an imaginary and emotional experience.

Any painting that looks like a thing provokes a different proses

You can't teach Abstract you just need to do it

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